Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0 is out, Drupal Ready!

It's fresh off the griddle!

The front end world is all hyped up today, because Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton just released Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0. Nice! It's got some cool new features, including a new affix javascript library, and submenu dropdowns!! Guess what? I've already updated Base Building Blocks with the new code!

Here's a list of some new features in Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0!

  • Submenu support on dropdowns
  • Affix JavaScript plugin
  • Block level buttons
  • State classes on table rows
  • White navbar component
  • New base font-size and line-height
  • Fluid grid offsets
  • Calculated fluid grid system variables

I'm a lil' Disappointed...

I was hoping that the bootstrap guys would include Font Awesome instead of Glyphicons image icons, but that didn't happen. Oh well! Base Building Blocks includes Font Awesome anyhow, but it would be nice if Bootstrap included it by default, they look so much better on retina devices! (I'm on a retina macbook.)
twitter bootstrap 2.1.0


Really cool. I saw that Wordpress has something similar too (WP Strap or something and the Roots theme). What kind of customization do you allow via bootstrap? I saw that you have a compiled Bootstrap CSS file installed. Ever thought of having LESS files and build-in a custom build script?

I wrote about BS (lol) customization a while back ( and thought it'd be cool to allow something like that directly from a theme. Adjust variables (or allow import), and allow rebuilding

I've really though about making a build script, even adding grunt.js. As soon as I get some free time I'll be putting these together. :)

Thanks! Funny you should mention Codeigniter, I actually built a theming library for Codeigniter and implemented Bootstrap in it as well!

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