Base Building Blocks 2.3.0

I just pushed Base Building Blocks version 7.x-2.3.0 up to github, and would like to outline some of the major changes. :)

The Template System

I decided to start utilizing the template system a little more by echoing the regions in the page templates, and using region--region_name.tpl.php to add custom wrapper dom. (As opposed to using includes and separate files for each region) I took this as an opportunity to put some default node.tpl.php, block.tpl.php, field.tpl.php, and a few region--region_name.tpl.php in Base Building Blocks, as you might frequently need to add custom templates. You can just copy the default ones and modify to hearts content. :)

The Functions

This version of Base Building Blocks introduces a number of new functions, and a new way of organizing the (now large) collection of functions. There are now a number of new files in the /functions directory that contain functions that pertain to the file's name. It makes function look-ups more easy and organized.

The Menus

I've updated the way the Administration menu works, and added a few other types of menus that you can print, like mobile select list menus. I have also added settings in the theme administration panel that allow you to add custom icons (like so: Menu Name|icon-name) to each menu item in navbars and other menus printed in Base Building Blocks. Be sure to checkout the /functions/ file and checkout the new functions available. I hope to greatly improve the way they work in the near future, but this will work well for now.

What's next?

  • Documentation: Really needs to be written/updated. :)
  • Drupal 8 branch: Drupal 8 is coming soon. Base Building Blocks will be supporting it on the day it's released.
  • Better Menu Support: Drupal's menu api frustrates me. I'm going to work on some better helper functions.
  • More Administration UX Improvements: I'll be brainstorming ways to make Drupal's administration better. Tweet me suggestions! PLEASE! Any input is welcomed and valued.
  • A Starter Module: I'm going to start working on a module that will extend Base Building Block's features. Right now I have plans for it to include a collection of blocks, permissions, etc.
  • A good WYSIWYG Editor: I intend on spending a good amount of time finding/building a WYSIWYG editor for this theme. I'm quite tired of using the WYSIWYG module with the unintuitive editor options. (don't get me wrong, I like the WYSIWYG module, but I want to build a really nice, polished, lush editor.)


Hi, I just stumbled upon your project and seems very promising. Just what I've been looking for.

When I tried to install it on a site I'm developing I got an error, and couldn't find much documentation on the installation steps, maybe I'm missing something I don't know.

I copied the directory of BBB to sites/all/themes but after I do this, I start getting a conection restarted error on the browser, and the site gets un usable.

I even tried on a fresh drupal install, but I get the same error.
The only page loading is the homepage and some nodes.

I would really appreciate some help with this, I really want to try this base theme.


Hey! I'm sorry you are experiencing problems! Can you tell me a little more about your setup? I just tried fresh install and there seems to be no issue. You may want to consider clearing your cache after enabling BBB, that may help you. :)

(NOTE I have posted the same questions in an issue on your Github section)
I really like your theme! I looks awesome.

Now I have some questions:

(1) I just tried it on a local installation, but I wondered: it looks different from the online version ... I am assuming, you did some themeing on it, right?

(2) There is another Bootstrap module project on the Drupal site ( To me it looks not as complete as yours - what is the different compared to yours?

(3) What way of extending do you recommend: downloading and changing your theme or creating a sub theme?

(4) How did you achieve the cool three column setup on ? Did you create a dedicated template based on Bootstrap's examples? Would it be possible to get your extensions to BaseBuildingBlocks?

Thanks again


1) I'm assuming you are referring to when you say "online version", and yes there has been a quite a bit of custom styling done on that site. :) BBB is a base theme so it's meant to be installed, and hacked up. :)

2) The other Bootstrap project, first off, doesn't contain the Bootstrap files within it. You have to download them yourself, probably due to the d.o license issues. While this might be the "right" way to do it according to d.o, I think that a theme should be one package, self contained. BBB also has a more solid base of organized template files, IE Edge, Chrome Frame, a Bootstrap Navbar administration menu, default fields for social links, footer scripts, etc, Font Awesome, Content Type and node ID node template, custom 404 page templates, etc, etc...

3) I suggest using BBB as a base theme, which means you download it, set it as default, and start modifying it to meet your needs. :)

4) I used Bootstrap thumbnails, and Isotope to build that three column layout, but the same thing could be achieved by using 3 span4 class divs in a row. All of the code is in a basic page, but if I was building a site for a client, I would do it a bit differently. :)

Same problem as lebobbi had indicated.
The problem is with the .info file, specifically, with the button-classed & menu-icons settings.
I can't think of a solution here.

These issues have now been fixed. :)

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